CNC Tube Bending Machine

CNC Tube Bending Machine
Product Details


●  Bend-arm (C-axis) by hydraulic. Clamp dies by hydraulic, Pressure die by hydraulic.

●  Carriage (Y-axis) by servo motor. Collets (B-axis): rotation by servo motor, grip by hydraulic.

●  Anticipated mandrel retraction unit.

●  Fan-cooling system (much better than water-cooling system).

●  Foot pedal for safe start.

●  It is fully automatic tube bender, with PLC control system, two servo motor for rotary, feeding.

●  Touch screen panel display English, have different bending degree prefabricate, dialogue operation, can choose manual, semi-automatic and full automatic operation manual, portable pedal switch with start and emergency stop function.

●  Bending pipe — Automatic.  Rotating pipe — Automatic.  Feeding pipe — Automatic.

●  Security code for the protection the data setting and selected operation features.

●  To access to the history bending setting data to the facilitate study of malfunction with one set of tooling.

●  All the parts of hydraulic system, control system, driver system and display system are imported from famous brand, with high accuracy, high efficient, suitable for mass production.

●  The machine is convenient operation, stable performance and high safety factor. The machine is the ideal choice for the steel pipe processing.

●  CE, ISO9001 Certification.

Technical Data:

Max bending capacityΦ38 mm×2 mmΦ50 mm×2 mmΦ63 mm×3 mmΦ75 mm×4 mm
Max bending radiusR200mmR250mmR270mmR270mm
Min bending radiusR18mmR20mmR25mmR30mm
Max feeding length2500mm3000mm3000mm3000mm
Max bending degree190 Degree190 Degree190 Degree190 Degree
Bending unit16 Pieces16 Pieces16 Pieces16 Pieces



Bending speed150 Deg/sec100 Deg/sec85 Deg/sec45 Deg/sec
Rotary speed200 Deg/sec200 Deg/sec180 Deg/sec150 Deg/sec
Feeding speed1000 mm/sec1000 mm/sec900 mm/sec800 mm/sec
AccuracyFeeding±0.05 mm±0.05 mm±0.05 mm±0.05 mm
Rotary±0.05 Degree±0.05 Degree±0.05 Degree±0.05 Degree
Bending±0.05 Degree±0.05 Degree±0.05 Degree±0.05 Degree
Oil motor power4 Kw5.5 Kw4 Kw7.5 Kw
Max storage units1000 Group1000 Group1000 Group1000 Group
Max pressure12 MPa12 MPa12 MPa12 MPa
Oil tank300 L300 L300 L300 L
Machine weight1500 Kg2500 Kg3500 Kg4600 Kg
Machine size3850×760×1200 mm4900×1300×1300 mm5000×1400×1300 mm5000×1400×1300 mm