"Sheet Metal Flexible Manufacturing Line" Project Supported By The Science And Technology Progress Award

Recently, the China machinery industry science and Technology Awards Office notice of the award: Award by the China machinery industry science and Technology Committee and the science and technology award of China mechanical industry approved by the Management Committee, casting metalforming machinery Research Institute of Jinan "sheet metal flexible manufacturing line" project awarded in 2012, China's machinery industry science and technology progress award.

"Plate flexible manufacturing line" is Jinan casting forging mechanical Institute in has has NC turned Tower punch and the NC right angle shear machine, products and the patent based Shang, absorption abroad advanced technology, through on plate flexible manufacturing line key technology research, breakthrough plate stereo warehouse, and automatically Shang material, and NC points selected stacking, and joint line control and the software, core technology, development completed of has technology leading, and structure perfect, and performance reliable, and fast efficient, features, on metal plate for rushed cut integration processing of efficient NC equipment. Through the cooperative, mainly to my unit, joint research integration research team composed of Jinan University, integrated innovation.