Shearing Machine The Main Features

Shearing Machine The main features

Main features editor

SAJ S350 vector frequency converter is used for the characteristics of shearer.

The S350 series is a new generation high performance vector inverter with the following features:

It adopts the latest high-speed motor to control the special chip DSP, and ensures the fast response of vector control.

The modular design of the hardware circuit ensures the stable and efficient operation of the circuit

The design incorporates European car design concept, the line is smooth, the appearance is beautiful

The structure adopts independent air duct design, the fan is free to remove, the heat dissipation is good.

There is no PG vector control, PG vector control, torque control, V/F control

The powerful input and output multifunction programmable terminal, speed adjustment pulse input, two analog output.

The unique "excavator" self-adaptive control feature can automatically limit the upper limit of motor torque during operation, and effectively inhibit the frequent tripping.

The output voltage automatic voltage stabilizer (AVR), the power of the output voltage is automatic

The advanced PID algorithm is built in, with quick response, strong adaptability and easy debugging. 16 speed control, simple PLC to achieve the multi-function logic control, such as timing, speed and direction, and various flexible control methods to meet the requirements of various complex .conditions

The international standard MODBUS RTU ASCII communication protocol is built into the international standard. The user can control the frequency converter 485 communication network by PC/PLC control

SAJ inverter is used for the main characteristics of shears.

1. Low frequency torque, stable output and high performance vector control.

3. Fast dynamic response and high steady speed.

4. Slow down the stop speed.

5. Strong anti-interference ability.

CNC machine editing

A CNC shearing machine, including the organisms , computer MCU and feeding table , as described in the body equipped with numerical control button , and installed on the body  there are upper and lower feed roller , as described in the body with feed stepper motor , the above mentioned in roller and feed stepper motor  the transmission connection, as described in the side of the body  with the rest , described in the rest on the cutter are installed on , on the body  fixed installation incised knife , described the cutter can move up and down with the tool rest , its characteristics is described within the body  with shear stepper motor , described the computer MCU through the motor drive connected to the stepper motor, described on the cutter  driven by shear step motor .