Shearing Machine Specific Application

Shearing Machine Specific application

Performance characteristics of the shearing machine

Cutting machine as the current market in the common mechanical machine equipment, which is mainly used in a variety of sheet shearing operations, different forms of shear performance are very good, while the composition of the shear machine has a very small difference. Different types of shear machine specific applications have a certain difference. With the improvement of the economic level and the level of science and technology, the popularity of the computer makes the components of the shearing machine a certain degree of improvement, in which the appearance of the hydraulic system to a certain extent, enhance the production efficiency of the shearing machine. Ma'anshan City Weixheng Metallurgical Machinery Factory

After years of practice in China's shear machine, we can understand the main performance characteristics of the shear machine are as follows:

(1) the motor on demand the use of programmable controller;

(2) hydraulic system using advanced cartridge valve or slide valve system control, the implementation of the button to focus on the operation of the hydraulic machine;

 (3) The type of shear machine pressure, speed and stroke can be adjusted according to the needs of the process, and to complete the compression molding and stereotypes two kinds of technology.

The Main Structure and Characteristics of CNC Cutting Machine

Shearing machine as a new type of sheet shearing machine equipment, with the residents of our different forms of demand for the development of the plate has been developed, more and more forms of cutting machine in people's lives The In recent years, with the popularity of China's computer, CNC system, the frequency of the emergence of cutting machine is getting higher and higher.

For the CNC shearing machine, since the main control system of the shearing machine is directly controlled by a computer, the shearing machine of this type is more efficient than the conventional shearing machine, and its service life But also to a certain extent to be extended. One of the most critical parts of the CNC shearing machine is to cut the upper and lower sides of the blade, which is characterized in that the shearing machine is also equipped with a shearing stepper motor. The upper cutter in the shearing machine is driven by the shearing stepping motor. The upper cutter is driven by the stepping motor, so that the upper cutter is positioned accurately, the stepping motor has large starting torque and can adjust the cutting machine freely Shear rate, shear depth.