Shearing Machine Equipment

Shearing Machine Equipment

Shearing machine in the production and processing is a necessary mechanical equipment, uses a wide range, such as construction, hydraulic work will be used to shear machine, shearing machine is the main function of the steel material for cutting off the role. Because it is very reliable to work, and effectively enhance the efficiency of the work in recent years has been fully utilized.

     Now in the 21st century, the rapid development of the century, the domestic requirements for the automatic shearing machine only increased, and domestic products have reached the export trend. As a few years ago the economic crisis, many domestic enterprises have encountered a crisis, and even some companies are facing closed. Until the financial crisis in 2009 was able to resolve, the economy has also been a recovery, and slowly cut the machine industry is also on the right track.

    The main reason is that there is no innovation, are imitation, mold two and technical content is not very high, making the industry's profits are not a good access. There is no high capital inflows, there is no high-tech output, so it led to the development is not obvious and other issues. Cutting machine on the heat treatment production workshop further investigation found that quenching furnace temperature meter does not check the temperature of the instrument and the actual temperature difference between the furnace, has produced "overheating" phenomenon it makes the normal fine grain steel rough It is more sensitive to hard cracking than fine grain steel. The quenching tank used in the workshop is not replaced within the long-term quenching agent installed within the brine composition has been unable to determine the resulting cooling capacity at all points can not be consistent. It is well known that quenching is an important part of the quenching process. It should ensure that the steel is martensite upon cooling.

    45 # steel hardenability poor quenching cooling medium is even more important. Quenching cooling medium cooling rate not only to make the workpiece cooling rate is greater than the critical quenching speed of steel quenching cooling medium cooling capacity but also to ensure that the workpiece at all points of the cooling temperature consistent. Because the workpiece in the cooling of its surface and the existence of various parts of the temperature difference is too large, then thermal expansion and contraction caused by inconsistency and thermal stress.

    In addition, the specific volume of the austenite transformation product will cause the stress and thermal stress and tissue stress superposition of the organization will produce internal stress in the steel. Silicone Shear Shears When the internal stress increases, the roll will bend and the internal stress will be greater than the fracture limit. "What is the shearing machine?" "The origin of the shears?" "Cutting board machine's future development trend?" Here, by the company for you to explain the future development of cutting board machine development trend.

    In fact, the cutting plate machine is a blade with another blade for repeated linear motion shear plate machine. It is by the movement of the blade and the fixed blade, the use of a reasonable blade gap, the thickness of the metal plate to exert a shearing force, so that the required size of the plate fracture separation.

   Shearing machine in the future of the domestic market is a great potential for development, not only because the tool market in the financial crisis will be quickly restored, but also because of the cutting plate machine this practical, wide range of applications of machinery and equipment itself emanating the huge potential. In recent years, the tool market has begun to remain stable, but there are encouraging growth rate, the domestic market relative to the international market is very obvious increase.

   China has become the world's most development potential of the tool market, but only we accelerate their own innovation and technology research and development, so that it is possible to play the potential of the domestic shears, broaden the market to meet the diverse needs of customers, Is to seize the international market. China's market share in the global market share in the proportion of growing, it can not be ignored, so more to seize the share of the international market is the desire to achieve.