Rolling Machine Technical Indicators

Rolling Machine Technical indicators

Roller presses are essential in the production of grinding machines. In order to make the roller press in the production to maximize the efficiency, then we should rational use of roller press and pay attention to matters.

In the use of the process, we must strictly follow the roller press the use of technical indicators, such as roller press in the process of the need for the rated voltage and current is how much, can not be used in the case of power supply voltage dissatisfaction. Roller press for what kind of grinding raw materials can be used, beyond the same raw materials can not use roller press. If you can not use the specified technical indicators, it is easy to bring some damage to the roller press.

Due to the poor grinding environment, roller press in the long-term use will be subject to certain pollution, so that a lot of dust fell onto the roll above, so part of the roller parts are very easy because of pollution and not normal To play its effectiveness, this will make the roller press in the use of the process of greatly reduced efficiency, so, after a period of use, should pay attention to the roller press for some maintenance and cleaning.

Again, in order to avoid the roll machine in the course of the use of failure, but also should be regularly on the roller press repair. Roller presses in the long-term use, some parts are vulnerable to wear, to avoid damage to a part of the other parts associated with damage, so it should be timely maintenance, replacement wear will be bad parts.

Roller press is also known as extrusion mill, roll mill, it is a highly efficient energy-saving equipment, has been extended from the cement industry to grinding a variety of other hard materials, mainly used for crushing cement raw materials, clinker, blast furnace slag, Limestone, coal and other brittle materials. In addition, in the fertilizer, mineral processing and other industries gradually get used. The same time as the above-

Roller press is the implementation of the quasi-static crushing and impact crusher compared to save energy about 30%; its material is the implementation of the material layer is crushed, is the intercritical crushing, high crushing efficiency, the material between the extrusion stress Can be adjusted by the roller pressure, roller pressure is generally up to 150-300MPa.

Roller press the material is broken by relying on two speeds of the same roller surface smooth, rotating roller on the material for high pressure extrusion and crushing. Material from the belt scale, into the quantitative silo, the role of the sensor is to control the quality of the silo material. The material is unloaded from the feed inlet above the roller and enters the gap between the two rolls. The material is pressed into a dense but cracked cake at high pressure (50 to 300 MPa). The mechanical strength of these cakes is very low, containing a lot of fine powder, even with your fingers can be twisted.

Roller crushing principle is high-pressure material crushed or inter-particle crushing. The conditions for the smashing of the layer are:

1) the material should be pressed into the pressure before the pressure should have a certain pressure, otherwise it is difficult to obtain the required material layer, which is achieved by a certain height of the feed column;

2) the material size must be less than the nip value (ie working opening), otherwise it can not form a crushed material layer. For materials larger than the nip, the roll press can be first crushed before forming the layer. However, the size of the feed particle size changes significantly, will increase the vibration of the equipment, roller machine parts life adverse effects;

3) hydraulic system to have enough pressure, or can not be high-pressure crushed material layer. Tests show that the extrusion pressure is less than 500MPa, can not produce between the crushing of the material. But not the higher the pressure the better, when the pressure exceeds a certain value, the increase in pressure not only can not improve the effect, but will have a negative impact. Generally should be through the test, after analysis and analysis to determine the best pressure value.