Rolling Machine Full Material Operation

Rolling Machine Full material operation

Key equipment editor

1. Steady flow weighing warehouse

The roll press must be filled with the material, and the material must be filled between the two rolls during operation.

So set on the upper roller press feeding port steady flow of weighing warehouse is necessary, weighing warehouse capacity design and not too small, otherwise the buffer is too small to affect the normal operation of the roller press, after rolled material larger fluctuation in the bread quality. In addition to control the weighing warehouse material level, if the level is too low, roller press, unable to form a stable stock column, lose weighing bin on the function of the force of gravity feed materials, and easy to form the material flow deviation phenomenon of roller, roller pressure caused by machine vibration or jump stop.

2. Iron removal equipment

The wear-resistant layer of roller is easy to wear, especially the metal foreign body reaction is sensitive, so the material of feeding roller press should be as thorough as possible. In the system, apart from the iron in the feed belt, it is necessary to set metal detector on the feed belt. But should be in the process of production, to ensure smooth metal detector and the chain of feed system, quick response, so as to timely eliminate material in the mixed metal foreign body, avoid metal foreign bodies in the roller press and scatter grading unit into a closed circuit system cycle and repeated damage to the roll surface.

3. Inclined plugboard

The improper position of the roller compressor inclined plate can cause excessive pressure or too small pressure in the inlet of the roller press.

Impact on forming a stable bed. Position is too high, material column pressure is too large, the roller press material, roll gap is big, the material will be crossed roller press or forming cake material is too thick, increasing the load of next working procedure, the squeezing effect, low content of finished products; Low position, low pressure of material column, less material in the roller press, it is difficult to form stable and thick material bed, the output is reduced, and it can cause the equipment to vibrate when serious, unable to operate.

4. Scatter classifier

The dispersing classifier is a new kind of equipment which integrates material dispersion and classification. The extruded material goes into the disintegrating classifier and then disperses it fully, which is the principle of breaking through the centrifugal impact. The material is accelerated after the high speed rotating disk, and the accelerated material is detached from the disc in the action of centrifugal force, and the impact is crushed on the counter plate. After the pulverized material enters the wind power selection zone, the coarse powder motion state changes relatively small, and the fine powder movement state changes the larger, thus the coarse, fine powder separation. If the dispersing effect is reduced, the reasons such as the abrasion resistance lining wear, the driving belt of the dispersing machine, the high moisture content of the material and the congestion of the graded ring channel are taken into account.

5. V type separator

V classifier is designed for rolling machine supporting the use of a static hierarchical scattered equipment, left to right, will be coming out of the roller press cake formation material break up, then break up qualified after material of fine powder, the smooth running of the roller machine, improve production system, and have the function of drying. Simple structure, long service life. With small air volume and low pressure loss, the fineness of the finished product can be controlled by adjusting the wind speed. Its function is basically consistent with the dispersing classifier, which is used with the roller press.