Rolling Machine Electrical Control System

Rolling Machine Electrical control system

1, the cooling liquid must use water-soluble emulsification coolant, is strictly prohibited the use of oily coolant, but can not use ordinary lubricants instead.

2, no cooling liquid is prohibited rolling thread.

3, the end of the steel to be processed should be flat, must be cut with no teeth saw. And in the end of the length of 500mm range should be straight, not allowed to bend, but not allowed to cut or cut off the machine cutting the end of the direct processing.

4, in the initial cutting should be uniform, do not push forward, to prevent the blade cracked.

5, slide and slide should be regularly cleaned and oiled.

6, iron filings should be promptly cleaned up.

7, cooling liquid box half months to clean up once.

8, reducer should be regularly refueling, to maintain the specified oil level.

9, rolling machine should be regularly maintained.

10, the machine chassis must be grounded and then use. The same time as the above-

(A) straight steel thread rolling machine before the preparation

Connect the power cord and ground wire as required, and turn on the power. Power supply for the three-phase 380V 50Hz AC power, in order to ensure personal safety, please use the automatic switching function with leakage protection, corn combine harvester. Cooling tank, add enough soluble coolant (prohibited refueling coolant).

(B) straight steel thread rolling machine before processing the adjustment

According to the diameter of the steel bar, and change the processing diameter to adapt to the rolling wheel. Change the rolling wheel at the same time, exchange and roller wheel pitch appropriate to the gasket to ensure the correctness of the pitch, pitch and the relationship between the thickness of the gasket

(C) rolling machine empty car test

The threading machine is powered on. Check that the cooling water pump is working properly. Operation button, check the electrical control system is working properly 1, steel and rolling wire head different heart. Remedy: re-adjust the blade to correct concentricity;

2, blade reset is not flexible. Remove the method: remove the rolling machine head, remove the knife body cleaning and then oil assembly;

3, the blade material is not good. Remedy: Replace the quality of the blade;

4, steel is not cut head. Remedy: Use a toothless saw to cut the end of the steel to be machined.

When the semi-automatic cycle operation, each time press the feed button once, it cycles once. Press the feed start button - feed - hydraulic - return - stop; when the automatic cycle operation, each time press the feed button once, its continuous cycle. Press the feed button - feed - hydraulic - return - stop - cycle, when you need to stop the hydraulic feed, press the feed return button. In case of emergency can be emergency stop button to emergency stop, for a long time to stop, you need to disconnect the total stop button. In addition, the machine has emergency stop control, display and lighting control.