Rapid Development Of The CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shears

Plate shearing machine, also known as shearing machine, mainly used for cutting sheet metal, sheet metal processing machine tools is important. Sheet metal shearing machines used in machinery manufacturing, also is a necessary piece of equipment for sheet metal distribution center, wide range of applications. Shearing machine in terms of structure, brake type plate shears and pendulum shears in two classes-by mode of transmission, mechanical shears and hydraulic shears categories. Shear angle not adjustable and safety is a mechanical shearing machine Achilles, except a small shearing machine, shearing machine in the leading world pattern has become an indisputable fact. Based on the advantage of hydraulic transmission control, CNC shearing machine adopts hydraulic transmission. CNC hydraulic shearing machine speed, adjustable, a shear angle automatic adjustment mechanism and the development and application of automatic blade gap adjustment mechanism so that it has access to the sheet metal machining center and the conditions for sheet metal FMS. CNC hydraulic shearing machine for older products, differences in structure and allocation. After nearly 10 years of development, the enterprise producing CNC hydraulic shearing machine, are gradually move closer to the international mainstream. Current, NC hydraulic cut Board machine General used overall welding structure, by limitation processing of machine frame, has good of strength, and stiffness and precision keep sex; used integrated type hydraulic system servo drive, improve has machine run of reliability; shear angle automatically adjustment institutions and blade clearance automatically adjustment institutions, will according to was cut Board material of material and thickness, automatically completed shear angle and blade clearance of adjustment; according to shear length, automatically regulation shear trip and Hou block material location; also, can equipped with Qian sent material system or Hou supporting material device, Set of feeding and unloading in one, effectively improve the automation of equipment.