Profile Bending Machine How Technology Is Applied

Profile Bending Machine How technology is applied

How to Apply Numerical Control Technology of Profile Bending Machine

TB CNC Electro-hydraulic Servo Profile Bending Machine:

1. CNC system using the Netherlands delem company's CNC system, there are different grades of the system Gong user choice.

2. Hydraulic system using Germany HOERBIGER company's electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic system profile bending machine to ensure the reliability of machine operation.

3. Advanced and reliable after the file structure after the structure of the cross-beam and left and right side of the bracket using aluminum. Reduced the inertia of the backstop. Showing a reliable and reliable drive. After the transmission of the file with circular tooth timing belt drive and large lead precision ball screw and rail drive, to achieve the precise positioning of the file.

4. Mold fast double-sided clamping device with fast double-sided clamping device. To achieve the rapid replacement of the mold, double-sided clamping more practicality of the mold and fast clip life.

5. Mold with die steel, the overall heat treatment, improve the service life of the mold.

6. Electrical control components Electrical control components using imported or joint venture plant production of electrical components, improve the reliability of control.

Profile bending machine features:

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2. The use of hydraulic convex automatic compensation system to solve the slider in the bending process of the deformation of the workpiece quality. Compensation amount of CNC system automatically adjust, convenient and accurate.

3. The use of fully functional after the file body, you can choose a number of after the file control shaft.

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5. Fuselage, sliders and other important components using ANSYS finite element analysis software to analyze, to ensure the reliability of the machine.

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