Press Brake Instructions

Press Brake Instructions

4 meters hydraulic bending machine is used in sheet metal processing more commonly used in a model. Today for you to introduce the agreement ah 4 meters hydraulic bending machine use:

    1, first turn on the power, in the control panel to open the key switch, then press the pump to start, so you hear the sound of the pump rotation. (At this time the machine does not move)

2, stroke adjustment, bending machine must pay attention to adjust the use of stroke, before the bend must test. Bending machine down to the bottom of the mold must ensure that there is a thick gap. Otherwise it will cause damage to the mold and the machine. The adjustment of the stroke is also a quick adjustment of electric and manual.

3, bending slot selection, generally choose the thickness of 8 times the width of the slot. Such as bending 4mm of the sheet, need to choose about 32 of the slot.

4, after the block adjustment are generally electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning, with the cutting plate machine.

5, depress the foot switch to start bending, bending machine and cutting plate machine is different, you can release at any time, release the foot bending machine will stop, continue to step on the line.

4 m hydraulic bending machine technical parameters:

1, Dimensions: 6600mm × 2100mm × 1000mm

2, rolling range: width 6000mm

3, hydraulic motor power: 4KW

4 bending machine to withstand 0.25-0.8mm galvanized sheet or color plate

Hydraulic bending machine selection of the role of deflection compensation in the procurement of hydraulic bending machine when the customer service will ask you if you need to compensate with the deflection, many customers are not very aware of this problem. Today for you to introduce. Hydraulic Bending Machine Worktable Hydraulic Proportional Control Deflection Compensation System. Hydraulic bending machine table hydraulic proportional control deflection compensation system, belonging to the field of hydraulic control technology. The proportional relief valve of the compensation system is connected to the bending machine vertical plate system by piping the oil pipe and the oil chamber of the deflection compensation cylinder through the tubing and connecting the proportional pressure reducing valve and the deflection compensation cylinder And a pressure compensating lock cylinder provided in a square hole of the table located in the bending machine. The utility model can control the deformation of the table by adding a deflection compensation lock cylinder under the bending machine table, and it is easy to control the deformation compensation of the work table, reduce the weight of the machine, and the work structure Simple and effective saving of steel, improve the efficiency and bending accuracy.

   Ordinary hydraulic bending machine before the use of preparatory work, hydraulic bending machine in the processing of production by more and more customers a high degree of recognition. There are more types of bending machines. Shearing machine bending machine are generally supporting the use of. Our company produces hydraulic press plate hydraulic bending machine, the basic zero failure rate, the use of high efficiency, to plant equipment customers are also an endless stream of equipment. Not all over the country. Here Shandong Heavy Industry Xiaobian to a simple analysis, the CNC hydraulic bending machine before using the need to pay attention to several points:

100 tons of hydraulic bending machine manufacturers spot

1. Check the drawings to confirm whether the first angle view, or the third angle view, according to the drawings using perspective to confirm the direction of the hydraulic bending machine bending direction is correct.

2. Check the drawings to confirm the material, the thickness is correct, according to the test to check the size of the bend, give priority to ensure the size of the tolerance, hole to edge size.