Press Brake Installation And Commissioning

Press Brake Installation and commissioning

The use of CNC bending machine

1, the first is connected to the power supply, in the control panel to open the key switch, then press the pump to start, so you only hear the oil pump rolling sound.

2, travel mediation, bending machine must be used to pay attention to mediation trip before the bend must be tested. Bending machine touch down to the bottom of the bottom must ensure that there is a thick plate of the gap. It will cause damage to the touch and machinery. The mediation of the trip is also an electric quick regulation and handmade.

3, bending slot selection, the general selection of thick plate 8 times the width of the slot. Such as bending 4mm of the sheet, to be selected before and after the trough 32.

4, after the file regulation are generally electric fast regulation and manual fine-tuning, with the cutting plate machine.

5, step on the foot of the foot switch has been bent, bending machine and shearing machine is not the same, you can release at any time, release the soles of the knee will stop, continue to step on the line.

CNC bending machine mold is composed of a lot of parts, so when the installation must check the status of the equipment, and in strict accordance with the steps to carry out, while the installation of the CNC bending machine mold When debugging, pay attention to safety, CNC bending machine mold installation and commissioning process. The same time as

1, the adjustment of the machine, before the installation, first of all to adjust the machine performance, the process must be patient and serious, see the machine is not dust and used iron debris, etc., to carry out the necessary clean-up to reduce Late trouble.

2, the adjustment of the slider stroke, pay attention to check the thickness of the mold and pay attention to check the proportion of the upper and lower modules is not normal, the normal module to control the trip line in the switch point, which must pay attention.

3, the adjustment of the travel module, that is, for the module to adjust the upper limit, the module to the highest point, the switch set, and set aside the slider of the stay, while the downlink also have to slow down Module, better for protection of machines and molds.