Mitsubishi Inverter Remote Control Function In The Application Of PC Steel Bar Cutting Machine

Ordinary bar of bar shearing machine shear die generally consists of flat or circular-arc blade consists of moving half and fixed. Steel rods are entered in the shearing machine, along the inner grooves into into contact with a fixed foot plate, cut to length plate and knife with removable steel rigid, steel push forward under the hammer position shear machine to achieve the cuts. Cutting process, cut bars withstand the static and dynamic shear force of shear blades, also under the action of bending down, static and dynamic scissor and cut of rough along the scissors in the shear plane near partial contact, causing stress in the region. Billet power control for the radial, the blank is always along a scissors movement parallel to the direction of movement without bending so that shearing section formation, horseshoe-shaped reduction. Radial clamping when cutting, bar clamp and compressive stress, which cut out in rough parallel to the bar down, the shear plane deformation is small, resulting in smooth rough sections and section dip low shear effect. After cutting steel, mounted on the knife and cut to length plate on the knife back into the original position of a mechanical device, this process is the mechanical interlocks automatically interrupts the process.

Bars were cut off and mounted on fixed foot plate proximity switch at the rear when you leave your initial position, it must implement two functions. Provide signals to hydraulic systems on the one hand, cylinder and door open; the other hand counts the number of blank, when the set value of the shear capacity of touch screen, cutting process to stop. All processes specified length and number, weight and finish accuracy is by PLC, touch panel, inverters, proximity switches and mechanical interlocking automatic control of hydraulic system in itself.