Mechanical Rolling Machine Grinding Equipment

Mechanical Rolling Machine Grinding equipment

Rolling machine, also known as extrusion mill, rolling mill, is the international development in the mid - 80 - s of new energy-saving cement grinding equipment, replace the high energy consumption, low efficiency of ball mill grinding system, and reduce the steel consumption and noise function, apply to the new plant construction, also can be used in old factory technical renovation, make the ball mill system yields by 30-50%, after extrusion, the material feeding bread in 0.08 mm thin material accounts for 20-35%, less than 2 mm accounted for 65-85%, the internal structure of small particles, filled with many tiny crack because of extrusion, and greatly improve ease of grinding. The roller surface adopts thermal surfacing welding, and wear-resisting layer maintenance is more convenient.

Working principle editor

The roller press is designed according to the principle of pulverized bed pulverizing, its main feature is: high pressure, full speed, full material, material bed crushing. The roller is made up of two extruding rolls, one for the stationary roll and one for the active roll.

The material is brought in from the top of the two rolls, and the extruded roll is brought into the roll continuously, and after the high pressure of 100-150 mpa, it becomes a dense cake from the machine. The discharge cake, except for a certain proportion of fine grain finished product. In the interior of the non-finished particle, a large number of cracks are produced, which improves the abrasion of the material and reduces the energy consumption of the powder during further crushing process.

The material is divided into three stages through grinding rollers: full material density, layer crushing, and aggregate stage.

Main structure editing

Rolling machine consists of frame, two roll system, transmission device, torque bearing, roller cover, feeding device, hydraulic pressure (pressure) system, main bearing lubrication system, centralized grease lubrication system, electrical system and other parts.

Main feature editing

According to the actual application of the roller press in the cement industry, the main characteristics are summarized.

(1) increasing production: in grinding roller machine installed in the system, the high voltage load by double roller diameter is passed to the grinding material layer, the interaction between the most energy is used in the material extrusion, sound energy and heat energy produced by the friction material can be converted into material deformation, the deformation, tearing, crushing, can give full play to the potential power to make the grinding equipment, increase production of up to 50-100%, the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20% - 30%, improved the production efficiency of the whole system.