Large Mechanical Press And Large Press Line Has Its

1. the annual production volume, accounted for more than 80% of forging machinery.

2. wide application range, penetrated into almost all areas of sheet metal processing.

3. There is no alternative, and its economic and technological rationality is the other machine is difficult to replace.

A wide variety of mechanical press, represents their technical and technological progress, and holds large press line of large mechanical press and. Large press line usually with large double action drawing press, large multi-station press and large single-action press as a host, jier machine-tool Group Ltd and Qiqihar, the second machine tool group is a major production companies. "85", these enterprises through technological research, design and bring Germany Schuler, and United States vis, and Japan famous companies such as Komatsu's design and manufacturing technology, or taken with foreign manufacturers to produce, its large mechanical press technology up to the international advanced level.