Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear Accuracy Control Plate Processing Dimensions

Hydraulic swing beam shear is a very precise control plate processing, automatic cyclic large pieces of sheet metal processing, and by sending trucks delivered to the next process of automated processing equipment.

Shang electric Hou, detection the work institutions of State, control the work institutions in initial location; into material, by control system control into material institutions will stay cut Board material automatically conveying in place; set shear size, used servo motor control block feeder location guarantee precise of shear size, its size but set value also can set for cycle changes value; pressure tight and shear, stay cut Board material length reached set value Hou by main motor led pressure feeder and shear tool, first pressure tight Board material, then cut broken Board material; sent skip of run, including uninstall Hou automatically returns Shear sheet size, automatic counting and preset number of sheets per car; have power and resume function can realize the automatic control of machining process, processing parameters, the system.