Hydraulic Rolling Machine The Main Role

Hydraulic Rolling Machine The main role

Hydraulic system: hydraulic system is set up to provide the crushing force needed for grinding roller, its main function is hydraulic spring and has hydraulic protection function. The reliability of its performance will directly affect the quality and the safety of the equipment itself. Hydraulic system consists of pump station, valve and cylinder three major components, its main components are hydraulic oil pump, oil pump motor, oil filter, pump pressure gauge and relief valve, electromagnetic relief valve, electric contact pressure gauge, pressure sensor, electromagnetic valve, accumulator, right Angle fitting etc. The relief valves and pressure sensors protect the hydraulic system. Working principle of the hydraulic system is shown in figure, hydraulic system pressure source for hydraulic oil, through the system power supply oil pump motor driven gear pump 8 of 9, 8 after the start, the gear pump has a certain pressure of the oil in the hydraulic oil filter 2 filtered to three four-way electromagnetic directional valve 5 entrance, at this time by the pressure of export pump station 10 control overflow valve, hydraulic control circuit pressure by the pumping station pressure gauge reads 4. After work into the roller pressure system, three four-way electromagnetic directional valve 5 left a conduction, the hydraulic oil into the pressure loop, and the already open the electromagnetic valve 11, right Angle valve 6 into the hydraulic cylinder of high pressure chamber, and through the piston, bearing, roller pressure in squeezed on the materials of system pressure is controlled by electromagnetic overflow valve 14, pressure by the electric contact pressure gauge reads 12. Hydraulic system using the flexible operation mode, when into a large piece of material between the two roller, system pressure, make proper concession, the roller of nitrogen skins using the compressibility of the gas accumulator temporarily storing excess energy, hydraulic spring effect. Pressure sensor and control the maximum safe pressure, once into foreign body between the two roller, result in pressure surge more than TVC, will quickly unloading overflow valve, the main motor drive system jump stop to protect the host devices. Roller press roll back operation, first the system pressure relief, the pump starts, the three four-way electromagnetic directional valve 5 right conduction roll back loop, the hydraulic oil through roll loop back into the hydraulic cylinder low pressure cavity, backing down roller roller pressure by the control loop of overflow valve control, pressure by the pumping station pressure gauge reads 4. Three electricity in Chang Tong state at this time of the solenoid valve closed, to cut off the low pressure cavity with the passage of the oil tank between oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinder low pressure chamber, and to pull back roller.

Judgment accumulator charging pressure way is: the hydraulic system pressure observation electric contact pressure gauge pressure rise, in initial stage of compression pressure rapid rise to a certain value after pressure significantly slow speed, the pressure value is the air pressure value. From the accumulator charging pressure and system working pressure we can see that in the relation between the system operating pressure, the higher the pressure accumulator charging device, the system pressure the shorter the time. Fault judgment and handling: regardless of any equipment, including high-tech products, in production, is likely to be abnormal, which requires our operations managers can according to equipment abnormal phenomenon characterize make accurate judgment and promptly take effective measures to quickly ruled out fault, ensure stable running.