Heavy Duty Shears Non-ferrous Nickel Plate Shearing Machine Shear Machine

1, hosts all-welded steel, without deformation and tearing. Equipment no cement Foundation at work fixed, may at any time replace the workplace. Made up for at present, forging machinery industry.

2, knife on the cutting board and power master cylinder without any joints, without any campaign connection, without damage.

3, the use of high-strength hardened guide rails and equipped with automatic lubrication system. When carrying out maintenance, repairs easier.

4, complete machine hydraulic system uses an electromagnetic relief valve used to control unloaded start and system security, make the operation more convenient and maintenance hassle-free.

5, dual-output nitrogen return, make the blades complete shearing quick reset.

6, four rectangular blades of the cutting edge, flipped four times, Regrinding is used again, reducing production costs.