Four Roller Bending Machine The Main Technical

Four Roller Bending Machine The main technical

The main technical characteristics, equipment Mode under this model for arc type three-roll bending machine, lathe bed for steel structure, dealing with stress relief, the main roller drive through hydraulic system the hydraulic motor, gear, sprocket, passed to the rotation of the power. Two side roller, axis, arc type exercise through hydraulic system of hydraulic motor, gear transmission power and the rotation of the main roller at the same time, the rollers are installed on the side roller, the roller with edge roller arc exercise at the same time, to ensure that the accuracy of rolled profile. Vertical or horizontal installation according to the requirements of site and profile. The models for all three roll drive, profiles can be end bending, by adjusting the guide roller, the type of asymmetric rolling process of distortion correction, all actions are completed by electric control button on ark, displacement digital display, display precision is 0.1 mm. The shape of the shape can be completed according to the shape of the section. The biggest advantage of this type of equipment is the precision of the winding profile and high efficiency.

Overview, profile bending machine structure This machine is mainly composed of lathe bed, a edge roller, roller parts, transmission parts, electrical and hydraulic system, mold, etc. The machine for the introduction of Swedish technology production arc three roll profile bending machine, profile bending of the function, the three working rollers are mainly driven roller, by hydraulic motor, gear, under the two roller lift for hydraulic transmission, two bottom rollers can do rotary center around a fixed arc lifting movement, both sides of the work roll the roller guide roller and correction device, guaranteeing asymmetric cross section, such as Angle profile rolling quality. There are three movements of the roller straightening roller: (1) it can do the lifting movement; (2) it can also do the arcs with the lower rollers. (3) it can also do the rotary motion to guarantee the molding quality of the profile. The lifting and displacement of two lower rolls are displayed by the digital display, and the machine is equipped with an independent operator, which is convenient to operate. The machine's bed is welded with steel plate, and the internal stress is eliminated by annealing. Has the enough strength and stiffness, can satisfy the machine ability within the scope of the profile bending, mould replacement can roll bending Angle steel, flat steel, square steel, channel steel, i-steel, round steel, steel profiles, etc. The machine structure is advanced, the work is reliable, the volume is small, the function is complete, it is the advanced shape material forming equipment at home and abroad. It is widely used in boilers, shipbuilding, hydropower, metal structure, etc.