CNC Turret Punch Presses To Reach International Advanced Level

First NC turret punch press is a mechanical transmission, be classified as mechanical presses categories. Because of its stamping die mounted on a rotating disk, so called CNC turret punch press stamping dies. Hydraulic drive of new models that followed, and soon occupied a dominant position, called CNC turret punch press abroad and be accepted by the domestic industry. Since then, the CNC turret punch press as an independent species, no longer attached to the press. At present, CNC turret punch press structure has reached the international advanced level.

In China, since the advent of CNC turret punch press, after slow start, mature, rapid development and improving 4 stages. In different stage, NC turned Tower punch by structure features can is divided into several generation products: "85" during development of first generation products, mechanical drive, three axis control, die bit number usually in 30 a following, no rotation die bit, auxiliary function less; "95" during formed of second generation products, die bit number was increased and with two a rotation die bit, four axis control, auxiliary function increased, began appeared hydraulic drive of turned Tower punch: "XV" during, NC turned Tower punch get fast health development, hydraulic drive of 4 axis, and 5-axis control of third generation products become the subject of CNC turret punch press, perfect accessibility; since then, the application of network technology and servo motor direct drive technology, marked the appearance of the fourth generation, but is not yet a mainstream product.