CNC Hydraulic Sheet Bending Presses With Network Conditions

Sheet metal bending machine use simple molds to sheet metal for various angles of a straight to get the sheet metal parts with complex shape, simple operation, die versatility, low running costs, thus get widely. Sheet metal bending machines can be classified by its transmission mechanical bending machine and hydraulic bending machine categories. Currently, mechanical bending machines have been replaced by hydraulic bending machines, this technology with the same shear. Hydraulic folding bent machine of advantages is has larger of work trip, in trip of any is are can produced maximum nominal force; folding bent trip, and pressure, and speed can adjustable, easily achieved NC; can achieved fast more near, and slow speed folding bent, meet artifacts folding bent of process requirements; used more cylinder synchronization system, great to improve has folding bent precision, and achieved has folding bent machine of more Taiwan linkage, widened has folding bent machine of process range. CNC hydraulic sheet bending machines are available first and widely applied, the largest domestic manufacturer of sheet metal processing machines, now have changed their earlier 3-axis to 8 axis control, and supporting the use of loading and unloading robot and bending robot, can be composed of CNC bending unit.