Throttle techniques of CNC hydraulic shearing machine

Mechanical transmission with hydraulic drive is very commonly used in the field of mechanical equipment the two drive types, shears also have mechanical and hydraulic transmission, hydraulic shearing machine hydraulic shears. CNC hydraulic shearing machine hydraulic drive of many mechanical transmission is gradually being replaced by mechanical shearing machine has been replaced by hydraulic shears, hydraulic transmission in many areas but cannot be replaced by mechanical transmission.

In hydraulic cut Board machine among, hydraulic drive can achieved speed big tonnage of movement, used for of throttle technology can makes institutions movement of speed is stable and uniform, using adjustable speed, and imitation shaped, and servo, parts can makes movement parts of implementation reached is high of precision, hydraulic drive all part between of connection is pipeline connection, so its layout has quite big of flexibility, while its volume quality Bibi mechanical drive to small, so can composition some relative compared complex of cut Board machine system. In addition to its transmission speed and direction can be controlled easily, so Hydraulics can be said to be a new height of shears.