The 10 largest structure of thread rolling machine

1. the host is a box-shaped castings, the upper part of a flat installation AB, sliding seat, electric control box, there are two oil storage tank bottom, used for regenerative cooling liquid.

2. main power distribution box equipped with a variety of gears, shafts, change gear box, the box function is the main motor to tank, gear speed to power two wheel pole, middle box for a gear, in order to facilitate permanent adoption.

3. hydraulic system is the main system thread rolling machine, which makes sliding feed movement and returned to the sport.

4. rolling system consists of a fixed seat, sliding seat, round Rod mechanism.

5. two fixed seats divided into a and b, round rod is installed in order to install the wheel, block a, block b, install the cylinder back position adjustment.

6. slide the front wheel is installed-bar, block b, on the radial motion of the cylinder forward and backward.

7. round bar is mainly made up of round bars, round Rod support.

8. open the Exchange on the gearbox cover, switch gears, to adapt to the speed of the workpiece.

9. cooling system consists of a pump to send liquid through the piping to sprinklers, spray liquid flow rate can be adjusted, no coolant, add too many, to exceed suction head 4cm as a benchmark, too much liquid into the motor, burning water pump, coolant can be 20# oil, add the right amount of diesel.

10. electrical system consists of a variety of control panels, PLC control unit and the electrical circuit components.