Shearing machine market demand increasing

Shears is the typical intermittent flow hydraulic system, suitable accumulator and energy saving circuit of shear-compression the oil stored in the accumulator when energy, also have a dampening effect, on their return as an auxiliary power source to promote cutting machines in return. Use of accumulator in hydraulic shearing machine can not only reduce the oil pump and motor power, avoid high hydraulic oil temperature rise, and because of accumulator quick put oil into the oil tank, thus increasing the speed of the turret, you can significantly reduce the time required for a cutting cycle, increasing the shear number of hydraulic shears. Current manufacturers of hydraulic swing beam shearing machine shear machine and hydraulic guillotine beam Shearer accumulators are commonly used in return. For some on shear times requirements compared high of occasions, storage device more is play has huge role, for example in thick Board open school flat line in the used of hydraulic cut Board machine, due to on shear times requirements is high, so return used has storage device return, while increased pump and motor power to reached requirements, made has good of effect in cut Board mobile beam of corners with four sets trip detection institutions, respectively detection moving beam corners of displacement, to a angle of trip detection institutions detection to of displacement for benchmark, Other three a trip detection institutions detection to of displacement respectively and of compared, dang appeared deviation Shi, detection results was feedback to industrial control machine, industrial control machine operation processing Hou, control proportion electric magnet, change proportion servo valve of opening size, change its output flow, makes 4 a cylinder keep synchronization double machine linkage cut Board machine is after reference main oil cylinder do down shear movement, and nitrogen cylinder return, so simplified hydraulic system, and run more settled.