Shearing machine characteristics and precautions introduction

1. characteristics of shearing machine

(1) motor according to demand using programmable controller

(2) hydraulic system adopts advanced cartridge valves or slide valve system controls and button operation of the hydraulic machine

(3) the pressure, speed and stroke can be adjusted according to the demand, and it can finish building and shaping process in two ways.

2. shearing machine use precautions

(1) no learning, no understanding of machine architecture, performance, and operating procedures are not allowed to start the machine.

(2) machine lubrication required, raise oil at least once in each class.

(3) added to the fuel tank of the hydraulic oil should be strictly use high quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, must undergo a rigorous filtering and keeping enough oil, insufficient should immediately raise oil.

(4) fuel tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil once every six months, but cleaning filtering the oil cannot be more than a month for the first time, used a new oil after lots allowed to give one.