Screw air compressor cleaning and maintenance methods

In practice, air compressor working environment is often more complicated, dust, grease, and particulate matter. Air compressors used for a long time, grease, carbon, sediments, rust, etc, if using a different brand of air compressor lubricants, will also have the black rubber similar to bitumen. It is necessary to regularly clean, inside the head, paint, radiators, tubing, and various types of valves, cleaning, and achieve the objective of eliminating security risks.

Air compressor cleaning method:

The air compressor before running for a few minutes, oil reaches room temperature;

Turn off the air compressor, internal pressure relief, such as finished, open the fuel cover and poured them into the air compressor cleaning agents, tighten the fuel cap;

Open air compressor 30 minutes;

Drain the old oil, and then add the new oil.

After cleaning the compressor temperature drops about 10 degrees.