End of air compressor energy saving frequency converter technology

According to a survey of over 18 billion yuan per year compressor market, there are more than 4 million air compressor work, 22KW power levels above the air compressor exceeds 1 million, 22kw following small air compressor with the piston. Add hundreds of thousands of units.

Air compressor General maximum power range allowance-works design, factory seasonal and temporal fluctuations in demand has resulted in gas consumption fluctuates, so air compressor not running full most of the time, saving space is very big. Air compressor power consumption of about 9% of the total industrial power equipment, energy-saving and consumption-reducing benefits. Providing special funds for supporting energy conservation and consumption reduction, which has given further impetus to upgrade industries, such as air compressor. Variable frequency air compressor for the general user acceptance, frequency conversion air compressors have become mainstream in the future direction of development.