Easy to drive electric air compressor technical seminars a success

April 18-19th, easy to drive electric air compressor technical seminar held in Baoji, the meeting, invited technical experts, technology leaders in the industry amounted to more than 30 people gather in one place to discuss air compressor technology.

This times technology exchange, industry experts on empty pressure machine energy-saving principle, empty pressure machine technology and the using features, and application conditions, easy drive CV3100, and GT210 series frequency device in empty pressure machine industry of selection and the application, easy drive frequency device and empty pressure machine control supporting solution programme, to participants for has wonderful of share, this times Exchange, easy drive carry its latest GT210 series high performance general frequency device, its new of appearance, and intends to of control performance, full of industry of function attract with of eye.

The exchange of communication and interactive sessions, site inspections, on-site to answer customers confused about air compressor applications, easy to drive the product selection of programmes as well as used, through field visits, it was easy to drive with a deeper understanding of the product, for air compressor applications more intuitive awareness.