CNC hydraulic shearing machine before starting the testing procedures

1. the operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, equipment used in performance is strictly prohibited.

2. the operator must master the use of the equipment of "three", "four" and maintenance "four demands" the use and maintenance of the equipment.

3. equipment lubrication requirements the start before adding oil, check the oil cup oil, oil, oil Cup cover hole cover.

4. before work, it should first be on the upper and lower blade knife, its blade gap according to the shear plate thickness, typically cut sheet thickness 5~7 between applications each time the gap adjustment turn the handwheel, reciprocating motion of the upper and lower blades, with a feeler gauge to check the gap is appropriate.

5. cutting the workpiece requirements, release the fixing position rack bolts, adjusted position plate sizes, and solid. Work should try before no-load 2~3 times, confirm the good lubrication, operating without exception in order to work.

6. prohibit the use of percussion method to elastic stopper device or adjusting the blade clearance. When adjusting the Guide, for cutting edge clearance, should stop before they can proceed. Prohibited in the course of work, hand cut or hand pick and pick up materials.